Friday, January 1, 2016

365 Questions

If you need all of the questions together here they are.
 I did not answer some of them or I changed the topic so that I could write an experience.

Here is the wonderful questionnaire. It will aid you in writing your personal history. 

The questions are intended to generate memories. 

There will be a few questions that will not apply to you personally so when you come across one, substitute from one of these single memory jogging topics, and tell your story relating to that topic.

Topics: A Snowstorm ,  A CruiseMoving,   A Politician,   A Nightmare,   Your Weight,   Shoes,   Nausea,   Dance Festivals, Singing,  Robbery,   A Bill Collector,   A Bathroom,   A Wedding,   Pain,   A Kiss,   A Doctor,   Underwear,   Dieting, When You Forgot,   Being A Klutz,   A Storm,   A Car,  Temple Pageants, Roadshows – Dear Abbey, A Prom,   A Swimsuit,   A Bus,   A Report Card,   Pets,   Shaving,   A Vacation, Taxes,  A Motel,   A Bully,   Crutches,   Sunburn, Joining Clubs, A Relationship, Getting Lost,  Skating, Water Skiing, A Production,   A Boat,  A Fire,  A Lake, A Practical Joke,   Losing Something,   A Playground,   Mother’s Day,   Father’s Day,  A Purse, A Bargain,   A Credit Card, Your Worst Disease, Surgery,  Flowers,   Long Distance,   Cheating,   Stealing,   A Letter,   A Bonfire,   Medicine,  Fireworks,   Food,   A Christmas Tree,   Being Scared,  Shopping,  Punishment,   Eggs,   Camp,  A Turkey,   An Elevator,   Dishes/ China,   Baking,   A Foreigner,   A Picnic,   Easter,   Fibbing,   Thanksgivings,   Your Parents,   July Fourth,   Siblings,   Grandparents,   A Gift,   A Flood,   A Crush, A Birth,  Relatives,   Embarrassment,   Aunts,   Uncles,  A Walk-a-Thon,  A Speech,   Church,   Fingernails, Having Gas,  A Surprise,   The Highway, A Hero,  Worship Services,   Being Locked Out,   Wild Animals,   A Court Of Law,   Playing Cards,   A Corsage,  A Fight,  A Contest,   A Play,   Hot Weather,   The Lottery, A Traffic Ticket,   An Accident,   A Haircut,   A Restaurant,   Cigarettes,   The Circus,   Acne,  The Dentist,  False Teeth,   A Computer,   A Phone Call,   A Sports Game, A Date,   Waiting In Line, A Hike,   A Job,  An Interest,   A Hobby,   A Bike,     A Teacher ,  A Special Friend,   A Joke, A Neighbor,   A New City,   A Visitor,   A Trip,   A Train,   An Airplane,   An Accident ,  The Nicest People,   Someone Cute,  A Clothing Style,  Swimming,   Acting,  Games,    Driving. 

Your memories are yours alone. They help to make the person you are now. They are an important part of the history of your life. If you share them with others, they live on and bless others to know something about you long after you are gone...

These questions are dedicated to the preservation of your memories...

These questions are dedicated to the preservation of your memories...

January 1 What was your day and date of birth?

January 2 Where were you born? Be specific.

January 3 Do you have any other circumstances of you birth ( who was present, who delivered, etc.) ?

January 4 Name your brothers and your sisters and their birthdays.

January 5 If you have a childhood picture for me, put it in this space.

January 6 What was your Mothers' full name?

January 7 What was your Fathers' full name?

January 8 What was your Mothers' date and place of birth?

January 9 What was your Fathers' date and place of birth?

January 10 Tell a family nickname that you had. How did you get it? Tell of any other nicknames in your family.

January 11 Do you know why you were named what you were? Tell the story of how your name was chosen.

January 12 What did your father do for a living?

January 13 Did your mother work outside the home? What did she enjoy doing?

January 14 Name the towns you lived in before you were 20.

January 15 Name the childhood addresses and phone numbers you remember having.

January 16 Tell a fond memory of your Grandpa.

January 17 Tell a fond memory of your Grandma.

January 18 Tell about a favorite Aunt.

January 19 Tell about a favorite Uncle.

January 20 Did any relatives ever live with you?

January 21 Relate an experience or memory of a cousin.

January 22 When you needed punishment as a child, which parent corrected you, and how?

January 23 Tell about the naughtiest thing you ever did. If you got caught, describe the consequences.

January 24 Who was the President or Ruler when you were born? Who was the Prophet?

January 25 At what age did you first vote and for whom did you cast your first Presidential vote?

January 26 Have you ever seen a President or Vice President in person? Have you ever seen any Prophets in person?

January 27 Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

January 28 What did you and your brothers or sisters fight about the most?

January 29 What was the dumbest stunt ever pulled by you and a brother or sister?

January 30 Tell about the worst winter storm that you can remember as a child.

January 31 What did you use to go sledding down a hill in the snow?

February 1 When did you build your first snowman? What did you use for eyes? nose? hat, Etc.?

February 2 Do you have any ice skating memories to share?

February 3 Share a memory about a school cancellation due to weather, war, or disaster.

February 4 Do you have any knowledge of the origins of your family name?

February 5 What were you doing to first injure yourself?

February 6 Who was the most famous person you ever met as a child?

February 7 Tell about a big fib you told.

February 8 Tell about someone who had a big influence over your life. A role model.

February 9 Tell of a nickname given to you by your friends or classmates. How did you get it?

February 10 What was your favorite meal as a child? Who did the cooking?

February 11 Who was your first girl or boyfriend? What was your age? Who was your first true love? What was your age?

February 12 Tell about the Valentines Festivities at your school.

February 13 Tell about a special Valentine you once gave.

February 14 Tell about a special Valentine you once received.

February 15 Tell about your first date. How old were you?

February 16 Tell about your first kiss.

February 17 Tell about your favorite TV shows. When did you get your first TV?

February 18 Name all the schools you attended and what grades and city they are located. Do they still exist?

February 19 What do you remember as your favorite subject in school?

February 20 What do you remember as your least favorite subject in school?

February 21 What is the biggest problem you remember having in Grade School?

February 22 What is the biggest problem you remember having in 6th through 8th grades?

February 23 What is the biggest problem you remember having in High School?

February 24 Describe a place where you liked to go to be alone.

February 25 Tell of a place that you discovered or built as a getaway for your gang of friends.

February 26 Tell about a favorite "hang-out" place for you and your friends in High School.

February 27 Tell about the best pet that you ever had.

February 28 Tell about other pets that you have had.

March 1 Tell about being in a school play or program.

March 2 Tell about a school principal you remember.

March 3 Did you ever pretend to be sick as an excuse to stay home from school?

March 4 Do you have any stories about your " mouth" getting you into trouble?

March 5 Tell about how you spent your free time and Saturdays during the school year.

March 6 Tell about how you spent your Sundays.

March 7 What was the naughtiest or meanest thing you remember doing in school? Were there consequences?

March 8 When on car trips, did you play any car games? Tell the rules on how to play the games.

March 9 What was your favorite radio program or station?

March 10 What were some of your favorite movies as a youth? Why?

March 11 Did kids ever tease you? About what?

March 12 Tell of a difficult school essay or term assignment.

March 13 Did you ever try to smoke or drink? Tell of your experiences with parties.

March 14 Do you remember your first pizza?

March 15 If you went to college, tell which college you chose and why.

March 16 Tell your major and how you chose it.

March 17 Did people wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

March 18 Do you have any memories of St. Patrick's Day as a youth?

March 19 Did you ever hitch-hike? If so explain. Did you ever pick up a hitch-hiker? If so, explain.

March 20 What do you remember as your favorite time of year? Why?

March 21 Describe some household chores you had as a child.

March 22 Describe some outside chores you did as a child.

March 23 Which chore did you dislike the most?
March 24 What bones have you broken and how?

March 25 Did you ever have stitches?

March 26 Do you have any other good stories about being injured?

March 27 Tell of a childhood illness.

March 28 Tell about an experience at the doctor's or dentist's.

March 29 Name your best school chums.

March 30 What were some crazy names or nicknames in your school?

March 31 Tell about a practical joke or prank you played on a person.

April 1 Do you have a good April Fool's Day story?

April 2 Tell about a practical joke or prank someone played on you.

April 3 As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

April 4 Did you ever make a kite? How? Tell about your kite flying experiences.

April 5 Did you ever feel a hatred for another person? Explain.

April 6 Have you ever hunted or tried to capture a wild animal?

April 7 Did you ever try to adopt a wild animal?

April 8 Make up a limerick about yourself.

April 9 Make up a limerick about someone you know.

April 10 Relate a favorite Spring memory.

April 11 Did your Mom or Dad ever find something that you had hidden?

April 12 Share a memory of going to church as you were growing up.

April 13 Share a memory of a church social activity.

April 14 Tell about an Easter egg hunt.

April 15 Tell about any other Easter Traditions.

April 16 Did you ever have a recurring dream as a child?

April 17 When you played make believe, what did you pretend?
April 18 Tell about the best birthday present you ever received.

April 19 Tell about any sports you played in Junior or Senior High.

April 20 Did you ever write something that you were really proud of?

April 21 What is the best book you ever read as a child?

April 22 What is the biggest physical problem you had to deal with?

April 23 Did you ever have any superstitions?

April 24 Where were you best hide and seek places?

April 25 Tell about the first time you were ever behind the wheel of a car.

April 26 Did you ever take anything that wasn't yours?

April 27 What did you do with it? Did you ever get caught? Did you ever make amends?

April 28 Do you have a story about a big surprise?

April 29 What childhood fear do you remember?

April 30 Tell about a May Day tradition.

May 1 What were the names of some of the toys that you can remember were popular as a child?

May 2 How much do you remember paying for an ice cream cone?

May 3 Did you have a tree house?

May 4 Were you ever bitten by a dog?

May 5 Did your Mother ever make a special gift for you?

May 6 Tell a favorite memory of your mother.

May 7 Tell about some good advice your mother gave you.

May 8 Relate your Mothers Day traditions.

May 9 Do you remember any childhood songs or rhymes?

May 10 Name some popular hit songs from your youth.

May 11 What was your favorite singing group or band?

May 12 Tell a favorite singer and a song that he/she sang.

May 13 What kind of dances did you do as a youth?

May 14 Tell about the first dance you ever went to.

May 15 Tell about your high school prom or formal dance.

May 16 Describe the military experience of someone in your family.

May 17 Share a memory involving a war during your childhood or youth.

May 18 Share another memory involving a war during childhood or youth.

May 19 If you have another photograph of your childhood to share, place it here.

May 20 Tell about your graduation exercises or traditions.

May 21 What year did you graduate from high school? Or what was the highest grade you achieved?

May 22 How many students were in your high school? In your graduating class?

May 23 Tell of someone you envied and why.

May 24 Did you have any homework?

May 25 Describe a very proud moment in your childhood.

May 26 Tell about Memorial Day traditions during your youth.

May 27 Share a special memory of a pet that passed away.

May 28 What musical instruments did you play?

May 29 Tell of the closest friends you had during you childhood.

May 30 Is there anything you have now that you have kept from your childhood?

May 31 Do you have any good bath time stories?

June 1 Tell about a strange person that lived on your town.

June 2 What was the funniest last name of someone who lived on your town?

June 3 Did you ever sleep under the stars?

June 4 Tell about hot dog or marshmallow roasting.

June 5 Did you ever go on a camp out? Tell about it.

June 6 Did you ever go on a snipe hunt?

June 7 What food did you learn to cook or prepare first as a youth?

June 8 Share a horse riding story.

June 9 What was your first job?

June 10 How much did you get paid for your first job?

June 11 Tell about other paying jobs you held as a youth.

June 12 Were you ever chased by some animal?

June 13 If you were ever in a parade, tell about it.

June 14 Tell another memory about a parade.

June 15 Share a childhood memory about a death that affected you.
June 16 Relate your happiest memory as a youth.

June 17 How did you learn to swim and where did you go swimming?

June 18 Name some large programs that you participated in.

June 19 Tell a favorite memory of your father.

June 20 Tell some good advice your father gave you.

June 21 Did your father ever make a special gift for you?

June 22 Did you have a special nature place where you went to explore?

June 23 Did you ever go on over-nighters or sleep-overs?

June 24 Did you ever write a poem or short story? If you have a copy place it here.

June 25 Did you go barefoot in the summer? Relate an experience about stepping on something.

June 26 Describe a few of the favorite hair styles of your youth.

June 27 Tell about a bike that you had or a bike ride.

June 28 As a youth did you ever learn any sewing, stitching, or needlework?
June 29 Did you ever have or make a swing?

June 30 Tell about seeing something you thought was very beautiful.

July 1 Describe an outside game that you made up.

July 2 Describe an inside game that you made up.

July 3 Did your neighborhood do anything special with fireworks?

July 4 Tell about Independence Day traditions of your childhood.

July 5 Do you have a July 4th that you remember most?

July 6 Did you ever go to the carnival or Amusement Parks? Where?

July 7 What kinds of rides and games were there? How much did they cost?

July 8 Tell about any State Fair or County Fair experiences.

July 9 Tell about going to a circus.

July 10 Tell a favorite summertime memory.

July 11 Did you go fishing in your childhood? Tell of you biggest catch.

July 12 What lakes have you been to?

July 13 Did you have a favorite candy? How much did it cost?

July 14 Do you remember having a favorite snack that you made at home?

July 15 Share a memory of going on a picnic.

July 16 What kinds of party games or activities were popular?

July 17 Share a memory involving a heat wave or drought.

July 18 What did you do to stay cool?

July 19 What was your favorite holiday of the year? Why?

July 20 Share a birthday party memory.

July 21 Tell about the neatest shoes you ever owned as a youth.

July 22 Share a memory about a power outage.

July 23 Relate a memory involving a flood or a cloudburst.

July 24 Relate a memory of a tornado, hurricane, or destructive wind.

July 25 What memories of lightening or thunder during your childhood.

July 26 Share a special memory about riding in a boat.

July 27 Tell about a family vacation trip. Were there family vacation traditions?

July 28 Share the best vacation experience you can recall.

July 29 Share the most unpleasant vacation experience you can recall.

July 30 Do you have any other memories about a river, lake, or beach to share?

July 31 Tell a memory about riding on a ferry, bus, train, or plane.

August 1 If you were to return to your youth, what would you do differently?

August 2 Describe you childhood home and neighborhood.

August 3 Tell about going to a summer camp.

August 4 Tell of an experience climbing a mountain or big hill.

August 5 Tell a memory about having company at your house, or of a family party.

August 6 Tell about board games and card games you played as a youth.

August 7 Did your mom or dad have a favorite remedy for what ailed you?

August 8 Share an experience about poison ivy or poison oak.

August 9 What was your best talent? What are ten talents you have been blessed with?

August 10 Tell about a time when you got lost.

August 11 Did you ever play in the sprinklers or hose?

August 12 Tell about being stung by a bee or wasp.

August 13 Did you have any favorite family songs that you sang together?

August 14 Tell about your bedroom.

August 15 Share a memory of staying with a friend.

August 16 If you ever ran away from home, tell about it.

August 17 Do you remember being really curious about something?

August 18 Share your childhood experiences with roller skates.

August 19 Did you ever experience home sickness?

August 20 Did you ever make a purchase that you later regretted?

August 21 Share an early experience with make-up. When did you first shave.

August 22 Tell about a favorite doll. teddy bear or other stuffed toy.

August 23 Tell about another favorite toy.

August 24 Did you have to abide by a curfew as a youth?

August 25 If you ever had a hero, tell who. Tell why.

August 26 Describe how you used the phone to call a friend.

August 27 Did you ever have a fire in your home or accidentally catch something on fire?

August 28 Tell about going to a pot luck or social event at church.

August 29 Tell about an incident when you were very angry with your mom or dad.

August 30 Tell about an incident when your mom or dad was very angry with you.

August 31 Share a memory involving an outhouse.

September 1 Do you remember any Labor Day traditions of your youth?

September 2 Did you ever write a romantic letter to someone? Who?

September 3 What do you remember about your first day of school?

September 4 Tell about your school year calendar.

September 5 Tell about a school bully.

September 6 What do you remember doing at recess?

September 7 Tell about the playground equipment at you grade school.

September 8 Did your parents ever make you wear something stupid to school?

September 9 Tell about who you thought was the smartest kid in school and why.

September 10 Tell about who you thought was the dumbest kid in school and why.

September 11 Tell about the most troubled kid in school.

September 12 Tell about the teachers pet.

September 13 Name your favorite teachers in school and church and tell why they are your favorites.

September 14 What was your most embarrassing school moment?

September 15 What teacher did you dislike the most? Why?

September 16 Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?

September 17 Who was the nicest teacher you ever had?

September 18 Describe your typical school day outfit.

September 19 If you were ever in a fight, tell about it.

September 20 Tell about your worst report card.

September 21 What is the worst trick that you remember a student playing on a teacher?

September 22 What is the worst thing that you remember a teacher doing to a student?

September 23 How did you get to and from school?

September 24 Do you remember your school custodian?

September 25 What were your school colors?

September 26 What was your school mascot?

September 27 Tell about a memorable birthday cake.

September 28 Did you ever have a " good friend" who did something mean to you?
September 29 How did your school observe Homecoming?

September 30 Do you have any special Homecoming experiences to relate?

October 1 Did your High School have cheerleaders? What did they wear?

October 2 Can you recite any of your school cheers?

October 3 Tell about any after school activities you participated in.

October 4 Have you kept in touch with any of your school friends? If so, who, and where do they live now?

October 5 Do you have any special memories about raking and burning leaves or mowing the lawn?

October 6 If you ever played in the leaves tell about it.

October 7 What allowance did you get?

October 8 Did you have to do chores?

October 9 What was your most prized possession as a child?

October 10 What was the strangest thing you ever saw in the sky?

October 11 Relate a story about a mouse in the house.

October 12 What were your family rules? ( No hitting, in by dark etc....)

October 13 Were you allowed to "play ball" in the house? Did you ever break any of these kinds of rules?

October 14 Do you remember the first movie you ever saw? Who starred in it?

October 15 Do you remember learning how to tie you shoes?

October 16 Tell about pulling a baby tooth.

October 17 Did you ever lose something really important to you?

October 18 Did you ever lose or break something that belonged to someone else?

October 19 Was an injustice ever done to you?

October 20 Share a favorite fall memory.

October 21 Did you ever stand up against odds for something you really believed in?

October 22 What is the farthest you ever ran or walked?

October 23 Did you ever pick apples?

October 24 If you had a watch, tell about it.

October 25 What hobbies or collections did you have as a youth?

October 26 Share a memory about being very scared.

October 27 Tell a story about a time when you dressed up in a costume.

October 28 Did you ever tell ghost stories?

October 29 Do you have a good ghost or haunted house story to relate? Did you ever hear of a haunted house in your neighborhood?

October 30 What did people do at Halloween?

October 31 Do you have a special Halloween memory?

November 1 Tell about how you met your spouse.

November 2 Tell about your first date with your spouse.

November 3 What qualities attracted you to your spouse?

November 4 How long did you date and how did you get engaged?

November 5 If you have a picture taken during your courtship, place it here.

November 6 When and where were you married?

November 7 What did you wear on your wedding day?

November 8 Who performed the ceremony? Who stood in your line?

November 9 Tell about any other circumstances of your wedding day.

November 10 Did you go on a honeymoon?

November 11 How many times have you moved in your lifetime?

November 12 Tell about where you lived when first married.

November 13 What was your job at the time?

November 14 What qualities have you tried unsuccessfully to change in your spouse? (leaves the lid off the toothpaste etc...)

November 15 Tell about the most serious problems or challenges you faced during your early years of marriage.

November 16 Tell the full names, birthdays, and birthplaces of all you children.

November 17 Tell about each of the births. What were you doing before ,labor, delivery, and your feelings or memories about each birth.

November 18 How did you choose each name of your children?

November 19 What other names did you consider for each child?

November 20 Were you with your spouse in the delivery room with your children?

November 21 Place any baby pictures of your children here.

November 22 What were you doing when J.F.Kennedy was assassinated? When man walked on the moon? When the Berlin wall came down in Germany?

November 23 What was the hospital name where each of your children were born?

November 24 What do you remember about your children when they were little?

November 25 What would you tell your children now?

November 26 Share a funny story about each child.

November 27 Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory.

November 28 Tell about the Thanksgiving traditions of your youth. What foods were on your Thanksgiving table?

November 29 Tell your all time favorites


November 30 More favorites

TV Show-

December 1 More favorites

Bible Verse-

December 2 As a youth who was your favorite movie star? Why?

December 3 Did you have a favorite church leader?

December 4 Were you ever in a life threatening situation?

December 5 Did you ever have a bad experience with a haircut or a permanent?

December 6 Do you have any knowledge about how your first name was chosen?

December 7 Do you remember Pearl Harbor Day? Do you have any experiences to tell.

December 8 Tell about your favorite store to browse in as a child.

December 9 Tell about your visits to your grandparents houses.

December 10 Tell about something your built, designed, or made as a youth.

December 11 Were you ever in a church, school, or holiday play, concert or pageant?

December 12 When did you put up your Christmas tree? Where did you get them?

December 13 How did you decorate your trees?

December 14 Did you hang a Christmas stocking? Do you have a story about a stocking?

December 15 Did your Grandparents make gifts for you? What?

December 16 Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Mom.

December 17 Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Dad.

December 18 Tell about the best Christmas you had as a child.

December 19 Tell about the worst Christmas you've had.

December 20 Tell about your experiences with Santa Claus.

December 21 What was the best gift you received?

December 22 Tell about holiday celebrations at a relatives house during your childhood.

December 23 Did your family attend a special church service at Christmas? Tell about it.

December 24 Tell about the most memorable gifts you have given to someone else.

December 25 Tell about the most memorable gift you have received.

December 26 Share any other Christmas memories.

December 27 Do you remember celebrating any special wedding anniversaries of your parents or grandparents?

December 28 Did you have a happy childhood?

December 29 If you could change any thing about your life so far what would it be?

December 30 Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

December 31 What special memories do you have of New Year's Eve or Day?

If there are other memories that you have recalled while writing these pages, please add them now.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Brown Crystals
Hi! I'm Taz! 

Welcome to 365 Different...

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The prescription medicines given to me to try to delay the progression of this disease made me so ill every week that I spent half of my days in bed, or at least lying on top of it. Each Sunday as I would have my injection, I would become sick within the hour. For at least the next 30 hours I would be completely bed ridden with flu like symptoms. Fevers and chills and body aches. Then the rest of the week I would get up and then have to rest, half the time as I said, in bed.  

I felt depression taking over my life, as having to be in bed continued to control everything. I could no longer do any of the things I loved to do, and so I needed to change something! 

I had come across a questionaire in the 80's that asked a different question every day for a year, that would aid you in writing your history, and I had attempted several times to complete the questions...each time failing, and eventually putting it away again.

Well, by creating a Blog, I knew that if I had followers, I would actually complete all of the questions. For the following year, I completed the journal and finished the blog. 

This blog consists of three posts per day for 365 days!!! Here are the three things I posted... 

1. A photo of a different necklace every day.

For the previous five years I had made necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are all costume jewelry, none cost me more than $5.00 to make, and I have given away dozens! 
I decided that it would be fun to try to take photos of 365 DIFFERENT necklaces, so look each day and see what is new. Some necklaces are not made by me... some are. (All photos were taken in 2013)

2. A new question every day to prompt you to write or record in your journal.

Your memories are yours alone. They help to make the person you are now. They are an important part of the history of your life. If you share them with others, they live on and bless others to know something about you long after you are gone...
      I will be posting a question per day to help jog your memory of things you have experienced in your life...

     These questions are dedicated to the preservation of your memories...

     Remember that if the questions do not apply to you, there is always the single word prompts that you can choose to write a memory about instead. They are located on my first entry.

3. My answers to those same questions, so that I can have a record of some of my experiences as well.

     By next year, we just might have an impressive journal to remember us by!

Have Fun and Smile!!
If you would like to listen to me songs can be found at
My recordings on that site begin in 2006....

Update 2014....After a year and a half of taking shots, I participated in a trial for a new M.S. medicine, for one year. This created it's own complications, and so when the trial was completed, I consulted a specialist, and we decided to go off the M.S. treatments for the time being, and deal with each day as it comes. I have constant symptoms, but at least I have energy to deal with them...